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You may not think of it that way, but you are already debating all of the time! Some of these debates are more important than they seem. Your real-life opponent is just not a friend in a prepared club debate. Your real-life opponent is a colleague at a departmental meeting. This colleague might be trying to convince the rest of your team that (s)he should have a bigger slice of the budget for her or his project and that the burden of cuts should fall on you. Or it could be a debate on why the new bypass should not be built where your house currently stands.

In short, any situation with two sides arguing is a debate! And learning the skills to get to the heart of the matter at hand and to recognise logical fallacies in your opponent's arguments will help you succeed in your goals.

Not only will you increase your debating skills, you will also learn how to improve as a speaker. You will learn how to get your message across clearly and confidently in all situations like a job interview, a presentation or a board meeting.

A meeting will normally consist of a table topics debate where you have just a couple of minutes to persuade the audience of a given motion. Table topics are followed by a formal debate, where two teams duke it out to win over most of the attending members.

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2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month at 18:45

Next meeting: Tuesday 09-03-2021 18:45 GMT (in 8 days)

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