Welcome to the home of 104 London Debators, Londons only debate-focused Toastmasters club!

At work or at home, can a colleague or partner put their opinion over more convincingly than you? Founded in 2014 by Paul Carroll and chartered in the following year, 104 London Debaters is the first and only Toastmasters club in the UK specialising in debate.

Compared to a traditional Toastmasters club, 104 London Debaters will help you in three unique ways:

1) Making good arguments that can be supported – Our members brainstorm a range of arguments and search for high quality evidence to choose the best arguments to make.

2) Critical Thinking – Our members practise critical thinking by examining an issue from opposing views, carefully applying reason to determine if a claim is true and recognising logical fallacies that can lead to erroneous conclusions.

3) Teamwork – Our members learn how to work as effective teams in constructing and delivering arguments effectively using the most persuasive language to change the opinion of the listener.

These skills provide the perfect complement to our fundamental Toastmasters skills. In a supportive and fun environment, you will increase your debating skills, learning how to improve as a speaker. This will help you get your message across clearly and confidently in all situations like a job interview, a presentation or a board meeting.

How will we help you? 104 Debaters has a strong mentoring function and debate teams are coached by experienced members to prepare for the debate.

Our typical meeting comprises two major segments. In the first half, we have impromptu table topic debates – you have to think on your feet for 60 seconds. The second half features the main debate in which two teams, who have each prepared their cases, put forward their arguments. This segment allows audience participation during floor contributions. We are currently meeting online during the pandemic before moving to some kind of hybrid approach in the future.

Our members come to 104 London Debaters to not only develop their communication and leadership skills but also learn how to be better critical thinkers. We hope you will visit our club and explore with us!

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2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month at 18:45

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